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Use More Mulch!

When planting a garden, not only is mulch aesthetically pleasing, but it conserves water too. Mulch is a great way to retain moisture in your plant beds, containers and annuals. Therefore, use more mulch and think of it as a part of your garden
irrigation system.

We install all types of irrigation systems – residential, commercial, and athletic fields. We even installed an overhead system in an indoor horse arena!

Using Toro, Hunter, and RainBird products, we install the best heads to meet your lawn and landscape needs.

Toro has introduced a new line of green irrigation products. The controller is programmed to your home’s longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. It then receives information from a satellite which in turn waters your lawn based on the amount of moisture in the area for that day. Of course, the system can be operated manually as well, but for the conservationists this is the perfect system! Toro features water efficient heads which reduce water loss and increase efficiency up to 33%. For further water management, we can install a wireless rain gauge. We will be glad to discuss ways to upgrade your present system and make it environmentally friendly.

A. PRX head
B. Non-PRX head

The Irrigation Doctor has been our preferred irrigation and lighting provider for the last 3 years. They are professional and cost competitive in giving us the great products and services we require. I would always recommend them as the ones to call to get the job done.

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