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Lawn Watering Tip:

Lawn watering should be done when grass shows any of the following signs:

The leaf blades are folded in half lengthwise. This is its way of conserving moisture.
Footprints remain visible after it has been walked on.
Your grass has a blue-grey color and then ultimately turns brown.

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The concept for the Irrigation Doctor, Inc. began in 1983 when Wayne Snyder opened Snyder Landscaping. As he “sowed, mowed, and grew” lush lawns and installed beautiful plant designs, he found one service missing that he needed to have complete lawn care—irrigation. In 1995, he proudly upgraded his company’s name to Snyder Landscaping and Irrigation, Inc.
John Snyder
Turfgrass Mgt. NCSU
Fully Insured
Certified Backflow Inspector
N.C. Licensed Irrigation
Contractor (NCICL #161)
Wayne Snyder
Fully Insured
Certified Backflow Inspector
and Backflow Repair
N.C. Licensed Irrigation
Contractor (NCICL #162)

As the demand for irrigation rose, Wayne again found that there was a void in the Triad—irrigation repair. He found it challenging to troubleshoot the most intricate irrigation repairs caused by lightning strikes, construction repairs, and just age of the system. Thus, the introduction of the Irrigation Doctor, Inc.® in 2006.

In 2008 his son John, who had recently graduated from North Carolina State University in turfgrass management and agribusiness, joined the company as president. Both Wayne and John are N.C. licensed irrigation contractors. With over twenty-five years of combined experience, we are ready to tackle any irrigation problem.

Irrigation Doctor, Inc., Welcome, NC
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